To see the details of any of your search results, including shelfmark of a Library item, or reference of an Archive item, click on it. The full catalogue record will be displayed on the Details tab. The detailed record provides the information you need to locate items in the Library.

Browsing through the records

In the Details tab you will only see one record at a time. You can browse to the next or previous record in your results, by clicking the forward or backward arrows at the top of the record . The double outer arrows take you to the first or last record in your results.

Selecting records

To select a record, click on the checkbox to the left. It will then be saved on the Selection tab, for you to view again, or print, email or download to your computer.

To deselect a record, click the marked checkbox once more.

Printing, downloading or e-mailing the currently displayed record

To print, download or email the currently displayed record, click one of the options in the left hand column - Send by email, Print or Download.

Links to other records

Some parts of a detailed record are highlighted, such as author, creator, subject and publication type. By clicking on these highlights you can find all other records in the current catalogue (either Library or Archive) with that term. So, if you click the name of an author or creator, you'll find all works by him or her. If you click on a subject, you'll find all the items on that subject.

In the Archive catalogue you can also open records that are linked to the current one by a hierarchical relationship (such as fonds, series, file or item). The detailed record includes a hierarchical display at the bottom, with links to broader groups of records or narrower parts.

In the Library catalogue there are two instances where you will need to follow links to find out copy details (shelfmark and availability) of the search result you have found.

Locating the item(s)

To locate materials on the shelves in the Library, or to order them from the strongroom, you will need the library shelfmark or the archive reference from the detailed catalogue display, as well as title and author or creator. To locate individual serial articles, you will need information about the article's source (i.e. the title of the serial, and the date and volume/issue number) and the shelfmark of the serial.

Some books, pamphlets and serials are on open access in the Library reading room. A list of open access shelfmarks is on display in the reading room. All archives and manuscripts, most pictures, some books and pamphlets, and most periodicals are in the stack and strongroom, and need to be requested, citing the shelfmark or the archive reference.