• Title
    Friends Ambulance Unit (1914-1919). Report
  • Varying title
    Three years under the red cross
    After two years
  • Organisation
  • Published
    Leominster : Orphans Printing Press, 1915
  • Medium
  • Serial holdings
    1st, (Oct. 1914-April 1915) - 4th (ca. Sept. 1917)
  • Publication type
  • Language
  • Material
  • Notes

    Title for second report taken from cover

    Third Report has title 'After two years'

    Fourth Report has title 'Three years under the Red Cross'

    Third report reprinted from 'The Friend', November 17th, 1916

    Fourth report reprinted from 'The Friend', Sept. 21st 1917

ShelfmarkCopy numberLoan categoryStatus
Box L 16/06aSER 863/1Ref.available
Copy notes: Fourth Report (ca. Sept. 1917)
L 066 [FAU 1/18]SER 863/2Ref.available
Copy notes: First Report (Oct. 1914-April 1915)
L 066 [FAU 1/24]SER 863/3Ref.available
Copy notes: Second Report (April-November 1915)
L 066 [FAU 1/34]SER 863/4Ref.available
Copy notes: Fourth Report (ca. Sept. 1917)
L 066 [FAU 1/35]SER 863/5Ref.available
Copy notes: Third Report (ca. October 1916)
Pers U/F7/AMBSER 863/6Ref.available
Copy notes: 1st, (Oct. 1914-April 1915) - 4th (ca. Sept. 1917). Previously part of Arnold S. Rowntree papers (Temp MSS 977). In Box Pers U/Friends Ambulance Unit