• Title
    Monthly record
  • Varying title
    Monthly record of Friends adult schools and home and foreign mission work
    Monthly record of Friends foreign missions, home missions, first day schools, temperance and other Christian work in the Society of Friends
  • Published
    Birmingham : White and Pike, 1869
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    Vol. 1- Vol. 22 (1869-1890-91). Second copies of 1869-1871; 1873-1878, 1880-81
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    Frequency: monthly

    Publication history: Vol. 1 (1869) -22 (1891)

    Ceased publication December 1891 : see vol XXIV, Nov 1891, p123: "To our readers"

    Subtitle varies

    Annotated Smith 2. opp. p.397

    Smith Supp. 270


    Note from Missionary periodicals database: Title continues: Journal of the Foreign and Home Missions, First Day Schools, Temperance and other Christian Work in the Society of Friends. The first number carries an article 'Foreign Missions' with a historical introduction, a letter from Rachel Metcalfe in Benares, a report of the Dublin Meeting and extracts of letters from the Madagascar Mission. Thereafter there are extensive letters and reports, some serialised, some in supplements, from the Field. By 1874 foreign missions take pride of place in the paper. The Friends' Foreign Mission Association used this paper until 1891, then The Friend until 1894, as its unofficial organ. December 1876: 'the Monthly Record... may, with enlarged interest and usefulness, fulfil its special work in the advocacy of the claims of the FFMA...' The reduction in price of 1882, however, lost money

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Pers/MONTHSER 625/1Ref.available
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Copy notes: 1869-1871; 1873-78, 1880-81 only
MIC 1001MIC 1001Ref.available
Copy notes: 1882-1891
MIC 1002MIC 1002Ref.available
Copy notes: 1869-1881