• Title
    Missionary Helpers Union. Annual report
  • Organisation
  • Published
    Leominster : Orphans Printing Press, 1883
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  • Serial holdings
    1st-28th (1884-1911). Second copies of 24th (1907), 25th (1908), 27th (1910) reports at Pers U/Mission
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  • Notes

    Frequency: Annual

    Publication history: 1st (1884) - 28th (1911)

    Note from Missionary Periodicals database: Lists of Committee members, local Secretaries (including overseas), orphans and their supporters, and Friends' Missions not organised by the FFMA. A statement of accounts, list of contributors. Once started, the MHU grew pell-mell, overwhelming the initial management structures

ShelfmarkCopy numberLoan categoryStatus
Pers/MISSSER 844/1Ref.available
Copy notes: 1st-28th (1884-1911)
Pers U/MISSSER 844/2Ref.available
Copy notes: 24th (1907), 25th (1908), 27th (1910) only. In Box Pers U/M