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    Friends Foreign Mission Association. Annual report
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    FFMA Annual report
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    Vol. 1-59, (1868-1926)
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    Frequency: annual

    Publication history: Vol. 1-59, (1868-1926)

    Note from Missionary periodicals database: In 1862 the Religious Society of Friends raised over ?00 to fund London Missionary Society schools in Madagascar, and in 1865 a provisional committee for foreign missions was set up. This committee sent Rachel Metcalfe to Benares in October 1866, and the Streets, from Richmond, Indiana, with Joseph S Sewell, to Madagascar in March 1867. Their letters home are printed in The Friend from July 1867. The Madagascar party on arrival found their bearers singing Methodist hymns, although 'not all had been baptised, nor did they appear to think this necessary'. In 1868 the FFMA was formally constituted. The first Report of the Missionary Meeting prints long extracts from Sewell's letters (Louis Street wrote mostly to Richmond), followed by the remarks of Committee members and the rules of the Association. The second volume adds a one-page financial report and a note on the new Irish Auxiliary of the FFMA. Volume 3 puts the letters from the Field in an Appendix and adds a list of subscribers; later Reports add Contents, lists of schools abroad, lists of stations, reports of the Malagasy-language press at Antananarivo, etc: by 1895 there are 70 pages of signed reports from the Field. The Missionary Helpers' Union was founded in 1883. Syrian Mission Reports were published separately between 1887 and 1898

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