• Title
    L' Equipe (The Unit) / American Friends Reconstruction Unit
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  • Published
    [Haverford, Pa.] : [s.n.], 1917
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  • Serial holdings
    No.1-4 ( Aug. 14, -Sept. 4 1917)
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    Frequency: Weekly

    Publication history: No.1-4 (Aug. 14, -Sept. 4 1917)

    Title from caption

    Published by members of the American Friends' Reconstruction Unit no.1

    There was also a later periodical 'L'Equipe', published by 'Société Anonyme' at 'The Augean Press', Grange-le-Comte, Vol. 1, no. 1-2 (1919). - 'The Unit training at Haverford two years ago were the originators and publishers of the paper called 'L'Equipe' which was a notable weekly'

    Haverford Microfilms (Not in LSF)

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Copy notes: Bound with L'Ami & L'Eclaireur