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    The Friendly messenger : the organ of Friends' Home Missions
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    Vol.[1]-6 ( Oct.1905- Dec.1910). Also available on MIC 869
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    Frequency: Monthly

    Publication history: Vol.[1]-6 (1905-1910). Numbering continues with "The Quaker at home and abroad" (q.v.) Vol.7 (Jan 1911)

    First issue "No.1" (Oct 1904) [this is a specimen copy]; second issue "No.1" (Jan 1905), issue numbering continues to 12, then "Vol.2"

    Subtitle varies on early issues

    Note from Missionary periodicals database: Although The Friendly Messenger resolved to print 'short accounts of the Foreign Mission' (first number), there are only occasional articles on activities abroad and even less frequent and very brief reports of missionary work: this usually contributed by the Missionary Helpers' Union

    Continued by: Quaker at home and abroad

ShelfmarkCopy numberLoan categoryStatus
Pers/Q5/MONSER 337/1Ref.available
Copy notes: Shelved with Quaker Monthly
MIC 869MIC 869/1Ref.available
Copy notes: Does not include October 1904 issue