• Title
    George William Edwards papers
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    TEMP MSS 571
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    Box 1: (1/1) typescript draft 'Quaker London' by George Edwards (GWE) with corrections and amendments; (1/1a) typescript 'Quaker London' by GWE with amendments and six black and white maps (1970); (1/2) ms notebook with index; (1/3) ms notebook with index; (1/4) note on John Goad; (1/5) notes on Anthony Neatby; (1/6) letter GWE to Henry Ecroyd; (1/7) newscutting about yarrow; (1/8/1-1/8/5) notebooks on plants and gardens; (1/9/1-1/9/14) notebooks on Quaker history; (1/10) notebook 'Quaker History and Humour: A Tribute to J. Frederick Brathwaite'; (1/11) notebook about Chaucer; (1/12) notebook on the Howard Trust. Box 2: (2/1) letter of travel authority for Arthur Willmore; (2/2) copies of certificates issued by American Friends allowing John and Elizabeth Estaugh to visit England in 1707 and Elizabeth Estaugh to visit in 1720; (2/3) notes on Bunhill Fields Burial Ground; (2/4) notes on William Penn; (2/5) ms, '300 Years of Quakerism in London', ms, 'The Trial of William Penn and William Mead' and ms/typescript, 'The Influence of Quakerism on English Life'; (2/6) typescript, 'How Quakerism Began' with supporting letter; (2/7) Library Committee minute 1 (31 January 1957), rough notes, details of George Graham, Quaker Clockmaker, recollections of a registering office and various letters; (2/8) maps of York and the River Thames; (2/9) copy of 'Old London Illustrated'; (2/10) letter and notes regarding burials in Peckham cemetary (1933-1962); (2/11/1-2/11/4) notebooks, 'Some Early London Quakers'. Box 3: (3/1/1-3/1/7) notebooks on Quaker history; (3/2) scrapbook; (3/3) notebook of opening times of organisations; (3/4) mapbook of Quaker Meetings in Britain; (3/5) will of Sarah Hutchinson; (3/6) notes, press cuttings and letters on Quaker history; (3/7) various notes, leaflets and pamphlets on Quaker history; (3/8) papers on the Wilson Trust. Box 4: (4/1) 'London Survey'd' (1895); (4/2) booklets of churches, museums and copies of 'The Journal of the London Society (July 1954/October 1967); (4/3) catalogue, 'To God and The Bridge' (1972); (4/4) 'London 200 Years Ago'; (4/5) 'Quakers North and South of the Bridge' with added material; (4/6) plans of herb gardens; (4/7) maps of Quaker burial grounds in Bunhill Row and Bermondsey and a Quaker workhouse, Islington; (4/8) 'Quaker London' rough drafts; (4/9) notes on south London; (4/10) typescript and ms accounts of Six Weeks Meeting by GWE, with supporting notes; (4/11) ms, 'Friends South of the River' and ms, 'Quaker London and Some London Quakers' by GWE; (4/12) typescript details of people included in 'Some Early London Quakers'. Box 5: (5/1) notes on Horslydown Monthly Meeting; (5/2) notes on Horsleydown Meeting; (5/3) various articles on Quakers by GWE; (5/4) research notes for 'Quaker London' by GWE. Box 6: (6/1) photograph album with index; (6/2) album of postcards mainly of USA. Box 7: (7/1-7/2) scrapbooks of press cuttings regarding events in London.
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    6 boxes and 1 outsize box
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