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    A. Ruth Fry papers
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    TEMP MSS 373
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    'List of Family Possessions Belonging to A. Ruth Fry' (Lib Ref 002.3/Fry) contains details of the collection with references A-Z for boxes 1-17. Boxes 18-19 are not included. Box 1: (A1/1) 'Notes of a Journey on the Continent in 1816' by Luke Howard (LH); (A1/2) letters to and from LH on his journey (1816); (A1/3) family papers (1894-1923); (A1/4) letters from LH (1833-1846); (A1/4) pamphlets noting LH death (1864); (A1/6) ms/typescript authobiography of LH and typescript extracts from letter by Goethe referring to LH (c.1840); (A1/7) Rachel Howard (RH) notebooks (1813-1833); (A1/8) letters from LH to Robert Howard (1849-1850); 'Life of John Eliot Howard' (1883); births and marriage dates of children of Robert & Elizabeth Howard and William & Elizabeth Leatham; (A1/11) copies of RH letters to 'the children' (1835); (A1/12/1-2) RH journals of visit to Wales and an account book (1831-1836); (A1/13) letters Mariabella Howard to son Robert (1824-1837); (A1/14/A-C) RH journals and diary (1831/1833); (A1/15) letter LH to John Eliot (1803); (A1/16) letters to and from LH, Mariabella Howard and John Hodgkin (1822-1845). Box 2: (A1/17) letters Elizabeth Hodgkin to Mariabella Howard (1829-1836); (A1/18) letters Rachel Howard to Elizabeth Hodgkin and letters to Mariabella Howard (1828-1835); (A1/19) various notes and discourses; (A1/20) letters Mariabella Howard to Luke Howard (LH) (1816/1831-1834); (A1/21) 'Early Christian Instruction...' (1807); (A1/22) RH spelling book; (A1/23) letters to Robert Howard from his sister Elizabeth (1819-1827); (A1/24) photocopy letter, an extract from Goethe and a copy of 'Goethe and Luke Howard, F.R.S.' (1822/1932); (A1/25/1-2) journals by Mariabella Howard (1795/1816); (A2/1) 'Letters of Rachel Howard', with annotations (1839); (A2/2) 'Memoranda of Rachel Howard' (1839); (A2/3) 'Memoranda &c. of Joseph Howard' (1836); (A2/4) 'Seven Lectures on Meteorology' by Luke Howard, inscribed, (1843); (A2/5) 'A Brief Record of the Last Days of Robert Howard', inscribed, (1871); (A2/6) notebook of family history by Elizabeth Howard. Box 3: (A3/2) photographs of Ackworth Villa and grounds, of vases presented to Luke Howard for relief work in Saxony and sketches of Ackworth house and grounds (3 parts); (A3/3) photograph John Eliot Howard; (A3/4) photograph Maria Howard; (A3/5) photograph Rachel and Bessie Howard; (A3/6) photographs of Ackworth Villa (1864); (A3/7) print of Robert Howard; (A3/8) sketches and silhouettes of Luke and Mariabella Howard; (A3/9) silhouettes of Robert and Elizabeth Howard; (A3/10) John and Maria Howard (nee Crewdson) miniature photograph on glass; (A3/11) photographs of Robert and Rachel Howard; (A3/12) framed miniature photograph of Sara Howard (later Fox) and Sara Fox; (A3/13) photograph of Elizabeth Howard, sister of Luke Howard; (B1/1) binder of letters Rachel Howard to Elizabeth Hodgkin, including some from Rachel Howard to John Hodgkin (1829-1836); (B1/1A) letters Elizabeth Hodgkin to Rachel Howard (1824-1832). Box 4; (B1/2) binder of letters to members of the Hodgkin family; (B1/2A) letters Elizabeth Howard (Hodgkin) to Rachel Lloyd (1824-1828); (B1/3) letters Elizabeth Howard to Robert Howard; (B1/4) letters Elizabeth Hodgkin to Rachel Howard (1829-1832); (B1/5) cockade worn by John Hodgkin, Paris 1792; (B1/6) letters John Hodgkin to Luke Howard (1827-1849). Box 5: (B1/7) letters Elizabeth Howard/Hodgkin to Christiana Abberley Price; (B1/8) letters John Hodgkin to his children and Aunt Elizabeth Howard; (B1/9) letters to Thomas Hodgkin (1834-1835); (B1/10) copy of letter Thomas Clarkson to Thomas Hodgkin; (B1/11) typescript of an essay on the promotion of civilisation by Thomas Hodgkin; (B1/12) memorials for Thomas Hodgkin (1866); (B1/13) pen and wash sketch of Jaffa Protestant Burial Ground; (B1/14) notes on Hodgkin family pedigree; (B1/15) certificate for the administration of the goods of Susanna Hodgkin (1846); (B1/16) extracts from letters of the Hodgkin family; (B1/17) will of William Hodgkin (1646); (B1/18) pieces of parchment of Francis Hodgkin and Thomas Hodgkin (1633/1621); (B1/19) notebook with unfinished autobiography of John Hodgkin, senior; (B1/20) notebooks, 'Memoranda &c. of E. Hodgkin' and an account of the last days of Elizabeth Hodgkin; (B1/21) pamphlet, 'A Key to the Contents of the Bible' by Elizabeth Hodgkin (1836); (B1/22) copies of 'Babel and Bible' and 'Emori Nolo....' by Thomas Hodgkin; (B1/23) Hodgkin family obituaries; (B1/24) ms,'The Transylvanian Novel' (unfinished) by John Eliot and Thomas, Mariabella & Elizabeth Hodgkin. Box 6; (B1/25) various notes, pictures and paintings of Mariabella and Elizabeth Hodgkin; (B1/26) letters Mary Godlee to John Hodgkin on birth of daughter Mariabella (1833); (B1/26A) Wallis's Railway Game; (B1/27) typescript copy of a note about a visit by Betsy Hodgkin to Elizabeth Fry (1801); (B1/28) 'The Humiliation and the Triumph', illustrated poem; (B1/29) letters between John and Elizabeth Hodgkin and Robert and Rachel Howard (1831-1847); (B1/30) letter Elizabeth Hodgkin to her aunt Elizabeth Howard (1835); (B1/31) letters about the death of Elizabeth Hodgkin (1836); (B1/32) silhouettes; (B1/33) photographs of Quaker tracts; (B1/34) pamphlets by John Hodgkin '..Progress of Religious Liberty....' (1856) and 'Observations on the Proposed Establishment of a General Register' (1829); (B1/35) 'James Hack Tuke' by Howard Hodgkin; (B1/36) pamphlets by Thomas Hodgkin, 'Duties of Neutrality' (1871) and 'The Epistles of Ignatius' (no date); (B1/37) pamphlet by J. B. Hodgkin, 'Three Phases of Quakerism' (1889); (B1/39) copy of an address given by Thomas Hodgkin to the Physical Society; (B1/40) reproduction of John Hodgkin professional plate; (B1/41) Howard Hodgkin obituary notices; (B1/42) pamphlet by John Hodgkin, 'Unemployment and Safeguarding' (1930); (B1/43) booklet, 'Ann Hodgkin 1855-1937'; (B1/44) proof of Hodgkin literary activities; (B1/45) letter Maude Robinson to Ruth Fry (1937). Box 7: (B2/2) printed volume, 'Extracts from the Familiar Letters of the late Elizabeth Hodgkin' (1842); (B2/3) ms volume, 'Autobiography of John Hodgkin' (1877); (B2/4) printed volume, 'A Journey to Morocco' by John Hodgkin (1866); (B2/6) Mary Hodgkin arithmetic exercise book, Ackworth School (1785); (B2/7) printed volume, 'The Means of Promoting and Preserving Health' by Thomas Hodgkin (1841); (B2/8) ms notebook, 'Memoranda &c.of E. Hodgkin'; (B2/9) printed volume, 'Guys Hospital Reports' (3rd Series, Vol. XXIII, 1878); (B2/10) printed volume, 'Excerpta ex Frider. Jac. Bastii Commentatione Palaeographica' (1835); (B2/12) 'A Companion to Hodgkin's Introduction to Writing' Parts 1 & 2 (1827/1828); (B2/15) printed outsize volume, 'Calligraphia Graeca et Poecilographia Graeca (1794); (B2/16) printed outsize volume, 'Contractionum GraecarumTabulae Lithographicae XX'; (B2/17) printed volume, 'A Sketch of the Geography of England' (1825); (B2/18) 'Definition of some of the Terms.... Geography and Astronomy' (1826); (B2/19) 'Specimens of Greek Penmanship' (1835); (B2/20) printed outsize sheets 'Calligraphia Graeca....' (1794); (B2/21) volume, 'Hodgkin Pedigree Book' (1907); (B2/21A) printed volume, 'Fifty Pen and Ink Sketches.... from Polydore Virgil's History of England' (1890); (B2/22) printed volume, 'Proper Terms....Explanation of Meanings....of Phrases in "The Book of St Albans"' (1907-1910). Box 8: (B3/2) print of Thomas Hodgkin, MD; (B3/4) photograph Eliot Hodgkin; (B3/6) photograph John Hodgkin; (B3/8) silhouette of Elizabeth Hodgkin (nee Howard); (B3/9) photograph Thomas Hodgkin, MD; (B3/10) photographs Thomas Hodgkin and his children; (B3/11) photograph of a painting of John Hodgkin and his children; (B3/16) photographs Alice Mary, Annie & Ellen Hodgkin; (B3/17) photographs John Hodgkin, junior; (B4/3) chain made from hair of Elizabeth Hodgkin and Rachel Howard; (B4/4) John Hodgkin table linen; (C1/1) John Eliot journals (Vols I-III, 1757); (C1/3) notebooks with copy of Mariabella Eliot's Cornish journey (1757) and copies of family manuscripts (1884); (C1/4) notes, letters and articles relating to the Eliot family; (C1/5) copies of letters by John and Mariabella Eliot; (C1/6) letter John Eliot to his children (1788); (C1/7) copy of a religious paper by Mariabella Eliot (1761); (C1/8) Mariabella Eliot journal (1789-1792); (C1/9) pamphlet, '....Barclay's Apology' by John Eliot (1833); letters relating to Eliot portraits (1915/1931). Box 9: (C2/2) volume, 'Eliot Papers' (1895); (C3/1) print Philip Eliot; (C3/2) print John Eliot; (C3/3) print Theophila Bellers (Eliot); (C3/4) print Philip Eliot, son John Eliot; (C3/5) print Rebecca Eliot; (C3/6) photographs Forstal Farm, Tenterden with covering letter (1924); (C3/7) press cutting, portrait Sir John Eliot; (C3/8) photograph 'Shelley's', home of John Hodgkin; (D1/1) extracts from Briggins family Bible; (D1/2) receipt for rent paid by Peter Briggins to Thomas Bowrey (1711); (D1/3) Briggins pedigree with notes; (D1/4) photographs of pages of Mariabella Farmborough Bible (1685); (D1/5) letters and press cuttings regarding Bowrey letters discovered at Cleeve Prior (1927); (D3/1) print Peter Briggins; (D3/2) print Mariabella Farmborough; (D3/3) print Mariabella Farmborough Briggins; (E1/1) printed extract relating to Paul Waterhouse (1925); (E2/7) 'A Book of Simple Prayer' by Elizabeth Waterhouse (1884); (E2/8) notebook, 'A Natural History' by E. P. Fry; (E3/1) photographs Alfred Waterhouse; (E3/3) photographs of Elizabeth & Alfred Waterhouse; (F1) Rickman pedigree; (F2) letter Norman Penney to Ruth Fry regarding John Rickman (1902); (G1) Weston family pedigree (Welsh) and supporting letters (1905-1907); (G2) Weston family information; (G3) Weston pedigree; (G4) copy Weston pedigree; (G5) marriage certificate Daniel Weston & Mary Pace (1741); (H3/1) print Maria Chapman; (H3/2) John Chapman. Box 10: (M1/1) Mariabella Fry letters (1840-1847); (M1/2) verses on tabacco and a copy of 'Temple Bar' (Vol.79 No.314, January 1887); (M1/3) poem by Mariabella Fry; (M1/4) statement on Forstal Farm, Tenterden; (M1/6) typescript, 'Things That Were Not....' by Mariabella Fry (1927); (M1/7) notebooks and sketch books; (M1/8) obituaries for Mariabella Fry (1930); (M1/9) Edward Fry early personal papers; (M1/10) letters Edward Fry to his Aunts (1845-1859); (M1/11/1) articles by Edward Fry; (M1/11/2) printed items by Edward Fry; (M1/12) trust deed for Edward Fry Library of International Law (1920). Box 11: (M1/13) Edward Fry papers relating to public life; (M1/15) marriage certificate Edward Fry and Mariabella Hodgkin (1859); (M1/16) pamphlets by Edward Fry; (M1/17) an address to Edward Fry by the Finnish people; ((M1/18) small album notes/drawings by Edward Fry; (M1/19) notes, notebook, tie pin, signet stamp and dried flowers belonging to Mariabella Fry; (M1/21) 'Woolman's Tracts' (1773); (M2/2) 'The Doctrine of Election' by Edward Fry (1864) (Note: the pages of this book are uncut, please see the copy in printed collections (shelf mark: 072.3 FRY); (M2/11) catalogue of the Edward Fry Library (1923); (M2/12) 'Cheselden's Plates of the Human Bones'; (M2/13) 'The Student's Guide Through Lincoln's Inn' (1892). Box 12: (M3/3) post mortem drawing of Edward Fry by Roger Fry (1918); (M3/19) photograph of a baby carriage; (M3/26) photograph of Neville Lytton's portrait of Edward Fry (outsize); (M3/29) silhouettes of Edward Fry and siblings; (M4/1 & M4/2) Edward Fry medals from Bristol College; (M4/3) handkerchief from Sarah Allen to Edward Fry; (M4/4) Edward Fry passport; (M4/5) medal to Edward Fry from Queen of Holland (1907); (M4/6) 'Bijou Almanacs' (1850-1851) (Closed); (N2) memoir of Mariabella Fry, junior (1920); (N3/1) photograph of Edward Portsmouth Fry as a child; (N3/3) photographs of Alice Elizabeth Fry as a child; (N3/8) portrait E. Portsmouth Fry; ((N5) 'Record of Family Faculties' by Francis Galton, with additional paperwork; (N10) Roger Fry obituaries and an address by Virginia Woolf of a memorial exhibition (1935). Box 13: (O1) letters Joseph Fry to Sarah (1826) & Anna Fry (1838); (O2) note about Ann Fry; (O3) letter Anna Fry to her sister (1840); (O4) letters Richard Fry from Italy to his brothers and sisters (1857); (O5) pamphlet, 'Worship, Prayer, and Praise' by Richard Fry; (O6) printed poem, 'An Essay on Conduct and Education' by John Fry (1776)'; (O7) extracts from journal of Sarah Fox; (O8) writings by Joseph Storrs & Ann Fry; (O9) letters to Caroline Fry (1822-1825); (O10) letters to Henrietta Fry (1818-1859); (O11) poem by Henrietta Fry (1840); (O12) letters Maurice family to Fry family (1825-1836); (O13) poem, 'The Righi' by Joseph Storrs Fry (1848); (O14) Fry coat of arms; (O15) Fry family memoirs; (O16) various Fry family papers; (O18) copies of engravings; (O19) birth certificates for Joseph & Mary Anne Fry and children. Box 14: (O20) letters to Mary Anne Fry (1831-1833); (O21) letters between Mary Anne and Joseph Fry (1827-1859); (O22) letter C. Bowley to Mary Anne Fry (1836); (O23) notebook of memoranda [Mary Anne Fry]; (O24) account of the death of Susanna Bowley; (O25) letter Joseph & Mary Anne Fry to their children (1875); (O26) Joseph & Mary Anne Fry marriage certificate (1825); (O27) letters to Joseph & Mary Anne Fry regarding their 50th wedding anniversary (1875); (O28) letters William Fry to John Eliot (1766-1776); (O29) Ann Fry letters of religious advice (1881-1882); (O31/1) notes on Fry family pedigree; (O31/2) notes on Fry family pedigree; (O32) Joseph Fry personal memoranda; (O34) Fry family memoirs; (O35) pamphlet, 'A Concise History of Tithes' by J. S. Fry (1850); typescript, 'The Fry Family', recollections of Susan Pease; (O38) copy of letter from Anna Fry (1787). Box 15: (O2/1) volume, 'Selected Poems...various subjects' by John Fry; (O2/2) volume, 'The Seasons' by James Thomson; (O2/3) volume, 'Pantographia... Digest of Phrenology' by Edmund Fry; (O2/5) volume, 'Portraits in Miniature' by Henrietta Fry (1848); (O2/6) 'Poems by Anne Fry' (1875); (O2/8) notebook, 'Fry Family Record'; (O2/11) 'Certain Sermons or Homilies.... (1683); (O2/12) 'The Saxon Origin of the Fry Families' by George Samuel Fry (1928); (O3/4) Fry family silhouettes; (O3/8) photographs Joseph & Mary Anne Fry and Joseph Storrs Fry their son; (O3/11) Fry family silhouettes. Box 16: (O4/2) Anna Fry penknife; (O4/4) pocketwatch and pouch; (O4/5) rosette - possibly French Revolution; (O4/6) sealing case with perpetual calendar; (O4/7) Board of Agriculture Medal 1818 presented to Joseph Storrs Fry; (P1) Swaine pedigree; (P2/2) volume, 'A Cup of Sweets....Good Children' (1807); (P4/1) Edward Swaine cufflinks; (P4/2) Edward Swaine pocket watch, chain and seal; (Q1) [Allen] family letter (1727); (Q2) letterJoseph Allen to Susannah (Sukey) Reynolds (1730); Joseph Allen & Susannah Reynolds marriage certificate (1730); (Q4) letters Joseph Allen, Snr to his son Joseph (1752-1757); (Q5) letter Joseph Allen to Elizabeth Fox (1759); (Q6) letter Samuel Allen to Reynolds grandparents (1746); (Q7) Samuel Allen & Mary Reynolds marriage certificate (1758); (Q8) letter Nathaniel Ogborn to Joseph Allen, Jnr (1764); (Q9) letter Nathaniel Allen to father Joseph (1777); (Q10) letter to Samuel Molley from his father (1778); (Q11) letter to Sarah Allen (1799); (Q12) letter Sarah Allen to J. Holbrow (1801); (Q13) letters between Sarah and Ann Allen (1786-1799); (Q14) Sarah Allen to Bristol Monthly Meeting (1833); (Q15) letters Joseph & Mary Ann Fry to Sarah Allen (1820/1832); (Q16) letters Joseph Ball & 'G. B.' to Sarah Allen (1826/1831); (Q17) letter Thomas Prichard to Sarah Allen (1830); (Q18) letter William Ball to Sarah Allen (1846). Box 17: (R1) details of Pease children; (R2) memoirs of Arthington and Susan Ann Pease; (R3/1) photographs of Susan Pease and Cora Clark; (S1) note regarding Angel property (1883); (T1) Richard Reynolds notebook (1797); (T2) letter John Eliot to Richard Reynolds (1806); (T3) letters Sarah Allen to Richard Reynolds (1800/1814); (T4) poem on death of Richard Reynolds; (T5) letters Richard Reynolds to Sarah Allen (1788-1794); (T6) Reynolds pedigree with covering letters (1935); (T2/1) volume, 'The Farmer's Boy' by Robert Bloomfield; (V1) Storr pedigree; (Z1) details of Fry family possessions; (Z2) extracts from Smith's catalogue of Friends' books; (Z3) indenture for Robert Golding [1691]; (Z4) Bristol Mercury (18 November 1793); (Z5) Liverpool Mercury (17 September 1830); (Z6) Gloucester Journal (8 September 1788); (Z7) letter from Rachel Stickney - governess John Hodgkin's children; (Z8) photograph Elizabeth Hitchcock - nurse to John Hodgkin's children. Box 18: (1/1) various Fry family papers and letters; (1/2) letters to Meetings in Britain and America and a speech by Gayashuta of the Seneca Nation; (1/3) volume, 'Fry's of Corston' family tree; (1/4) papers relating to proceedings of the Society of Friends; (1/5) Bernard Barton poems and letters (1841-1848); (1/6) John Scott papers (c.1760-c.1780); (1/7) ms poems and verse; (1/8) papers relating to Sir Edward Fry including invitations to the coronations of Edward VII and George V; (1/9) Luke Howard papers, J. S. Fry company catalogue and a petition to Parliament and the King about punishments suffered by Quakers (1675); (1/10) 'Annual Monitor 1919-1920'; (1/11) volume, extracts of letters by Elizabeth Fry; (1/12) photograph Portishead Meeting House (1906); (1/13) photograph John Bellers handwriting; (1/14) facsimiles of letters between Luke Howard and Goethe; (1/15) Rachel Howard sketches and drawings. Box 19: (1/16) hair ornaments; (1/17) woven bag with metal plate inscription to 'J. Hodgkin 1840'.
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