• Title
    Joseph Joshua Green papers
  • Reference
    TEMP MSS 365
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    Box 1: folder (1/1) notes for a memoir of Elizabeth Robson; (1/2) copies of correspondence between Thomas and Elizabeth Robson (1915); (1/3) letters from Thomas Robson to Elizabeth Dearman (1841-1842/1850); (1/4) letters from Thomas Robson to Thomas Nounsey (1830/1835 & 1843-1847); (1/5) letters from Thomas Robson to Thomas Nounsey (1848-1850); (1/6) letters from Thomas Robson to his daughter Elizabeth (1827-1852); (1/7) letters from Thomas Robson to Joshua Green (1835-1851); (1/8) letters from Elizabeth Robson to her family (1811-1843); (1/9) 'Crafton Pedigree''; (1/10) poems by Thomas Robson (c.1820-1850); (1/11) notes about Thomas Robson's picture collection and invoices (1841-1852); (1/12) various notes, letters and a colour map (1840-1850); (1/13) letters by Elizabeth Green about the death of her brother Henry Robson (1850); (1/14) papers of Thomas Robson. Box 2: folder (2/1) various printed items (1828-1909); (2/2) Elizabeth Robson various papers (1793-1881); (2/3) extract from Elizabeth Robson letter (1813); (2/4) Elizabeth Robson religious minutes and testimonies (1822-1861); (2/5) Elizabeth Robson testimonies (1825-1916); (2/6) letters from Thomas Robson to family members (1834-1850); (2/7) Elizabeth Robson - Henry Robson mss (1820-1849); (2/8) letters from Elizabeth Robson to Joshua Green (1842-1843); (2/9) letters Thomas Robson to Henry Robson (1811-1850); (2/10) notes of Thomas and Elizabeth Robson's visits to the Continent (1816/1831); (2/11) notes on Robson family history; (2/12) notes on Robson family history; (2/13) rough notes and draft articles on Quakers; (2/14) notes on Charles Lamb and Robert Lloyd. Box 3, notes on families: folder (3/1) Andrews family, Bedfordshire and Essex; (3/2) Ashbridge family, East Yorkshire; (3/3) Awmack and Dale families, Yorkshire; (3/4) Day and Dinsdale families; (3/5) Greenwood family; (3/6) Lampe family, Ulverston; (3/7) Myers (Miers) family; (3/8) Nottingham, Puplett and Sims families; (3/9) Tritton family; (3/10) Turner family, Ridgmount, Yorkshire; (3/11) Victris and Walduck families; (3/12) Watson family, Cuckfield; (3/13) Weatherley family, Colchester and (3/14) notes on Marshall-Robson wedding and letters by Hannah Robson; (3/15) marriage certificate for Michael Russell and Elizabeth Metcalfe (1731). Box 4, bound notes: (4/1) Joseph Markes Green (1914); (4/2) Hopkins, Kitching families (1919); (4/3) Samuel Cater (1914); (4/4) Jonathan Gurnell and descendants (1914); (4/5) Isaac & Elizabeth Stephenson (1910) and (4/6) notebook on Miers, Lettsom and Elliot families. Box 5, letters: (5/1) Alexander, Allen and Alsop families; (5/2) Barclay, Birkback, Bottomley and Brewin families; (5/3) Brown, Browne, Budge and Burgess families; (5/4) Chipchase, Davis, Doubleday, Donll, and Dymond families; (5/5) Foster, Frank, Godlee, Grant, Green, Greenwood and Grubb families; (5/6) Hack, Hanbury, Hunt and Hustler families; (5/7) Jesup, Jones, King, Lindsey, Lohse and Lowe families; (5/8) Marriage, Marshall, Matthews, Maw and Milner families; (5/9) Newsom, Nicholson and Northmore families; (5/10) Price and Pumphrey families; (5/11) Richardson, Rickman, Scarr, Seebohm, Sharples, Shorthouse, Smith, Sparkes and Squire families; (5/12) Stevens, Swift, Tanner, Treffrey, Tuke, Watson, Wilson, Wiston and Wright families; (5/13) extracts from registers for Biddle, Robins, Ingram and Fell families; (5/14) notes on the Emmott family; (5/15) indenture between Luke Spencer and William Crouch (3 November 1681). Box 6: (6/1) ms, pp.1-379 'Simms Family' history; (6/2) Robson family tree; (6/3) descendants of Hannah Watson; (6/4) descendants of Ann Raw; (6/5) descendants of Mary Trotter; (6/6) descendants of Thomas Brady. Box 7: (7/1) notes 'K'; (7/2) Andrew's deeds; (7/3) mortgage, Jamaica (8 March 1777); (7/4) ms, 'Gentlemens' Magazine Index to Quakers, 1731-1868'; (7/5) 'Catalogue of J. J. Green's MS and Printed Collections Ancestral Families' (1904); (7/6) 'Catalogue of J. J. Green's MS and Printed Collections Ancestral Families and Index' (1904). Box 8: (8/1) 'No.1 Catalogue of J. J. Green's MS and Printed Collections' (1904); (8/2) 'No.2 Catalogue of J. J. Green's MS and Printed Collections' (1904); (8/3) 'No.3 Catalogue of J. J. Green's MS and Printed Family Collections' (1904); (8/4) 'No.4 Catalogue of J. J. Green's MS Autographs' (1904); (8/5) 'No.5 Catalogue of J. J. Green's MS and Printed Family Collections Autographs' (1904); (8/6) J. P. Drewett notebook; (8/7) 'Family Memorials' by Joseph Robson; (8/8) album of extracts from letters; (8/9) ms, 'Some Annals of the Wilmer Family'. Box 9: (9/1) ms, 'History of the Day Family'; (9/2) ms, 'Biographies. Greene of Liversedge, London, Chalfont, Wycombe etc' (1909); (9/3) ms, 'Some Accounts of the Family of Harvey' (1896); (9/4) ms, 'Richard Lindley of Darlington' (1916). Box 10: (10/1-10/2) notes on the Greene family of Liversedge; (10/3-10/5) typescript, 'History of some of the Families of Marsh of the County of Kent'. Box 11: (11/1-11/2) ms, 'Annals of a Puritan Race' (1910). Box 12: (12/1) various research notes and letters (1784-1916); (12/2) various research notes and letters (1807-1935); (12/3) notes regarding Wakefield, Fulcher and Musgrave families; (12/4) letters (1800-1890); (12/5) Crafton family notes; (12/6-12/8) ms copy of Butterfield MS. Box 13: (13/1-13/4) various notes, letters, extracts and autographs; (13/5) volume of letters. Box 14: (14/1) 'Report on Kent Quarterly Meeting Trust Properties' (1903); (14/2) notebook and printed material regarding the Sims family; (14/3) Sims family trees; (14/4) ms, 'Ye Familie of Symes'; (14/5) notes on the Sims family; (14/6) various research notes, letters and booklets. Box 15: (15/1) list 17th trade tokens and various letters; (15/2) map of Ohio and various deeds; (15/3) deeds and customs forms; (15/4) mortgage deed, Glamorgan (1701); (15/5) various deeds (1727/1814/1819). Box 16: scrapbooks/folders of 'persons and families'. Box 17: ms, 'Elizabeth Robson 1770-1843'. Volumes: (1-3) 'Green Family Manuscripts', Vols I-III (1915); (4-5) 'Butterfield MS Vols 1/2; (6) letters and autographs; (7-9) ms, 'Family of Robson' Vols I-III.
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    16 boxes, 1 outsize box, 9 volumes & 1 outsize folder
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    • Green, Joseph Joshua, 1854-1921
      Joseph Joshua Green, collector and antiquary, was born on 15 April 1854, the second son of Joshua and Elizabeth Green of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, who were Quakers. He was educated initially at home, and from 1866 at Sidcot School for Quakers in the Mendips, where he developed an interest in natural history and botany. On the completion of his education he went into the family business, Joshua Green & Co., general merchants, of Stanstead, Essex. From 1870 he began to collect the autographs of distinguished contemporaries and figures from history and continued to add to these collections for the rest of his life. He made a special study of the Puritans and the free churches and compiled histories of some of the oldest Quaker families. He was president of the Friends Historical Society in 1908-9, and contributed to its journal. He died at Godwyn Lodge, Hastings, on 24 October 1921.
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