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    Women's Yearly Meeting
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    The sub-sub fonds consists of 8 volumes of minutes (1759-1785, 1785-1792, 1793-1800, 1801-1806, 1807-1817, 1818-1846, 1847-1883, 1884-1907); 2 volumes of Epistles Sent and Received (1753-1785, 1768-1778); 2 boxes of Epistles Received (1778-1864, 1866-1906); 14 folders of Epistles Sent (1809, 1818, 1814, 1816-1821, 1823-1825, 1826-1830, 1831-1832, 1833-1834, 1835-1837, 1839-1850, 1851-1867, 1868-1877, 1878-1887, 1888-1897); 6 folders of Answers to Queries (1814, 1824, 1834, 1876, 1887, 1894); 2 volumes of minutes (1881-1902, 1902-1905) and 1 folder (1875-1902) of the Woman Friends Central Committee on Temperance Work (1874-1905); 2 volumes of Women's Yearly Meeting Committee minutes (1785-1798, 1799-1803); 1 volume of notes and extracts on special subjects considered in the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends and at Conferences of Women Friends (1880-1918); 1 folder of abstracts of annual reports of the Missionary Helpers Union (1895-1897); 1 folder containing draft letters to the children of the Society from the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends (1888, 1891, 1895), a draft letter "to parents" (1902) and a memorandum to be laid before Women Friends on discouraging the use of feathers and aigrettes (endorsed "Read 26/5/96"); and 1 folder of reports on the Missionary Helpers Union (1895-1897).
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    2 boxes, 15 volumes, 24 folders and 2 items
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    • Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting. Women's Yearly Meeting
      Women Friends met regularly at the time of the Men's Yearly Meeting in London from the late 17th century, writing epistles to other women's yearly meetings from an early date. (1) London Yearly Meeting considered a proposal for the formal establishment of a yearly meeting of women Friends in 1753 and succeeding years, but it was not until a deputation of women Friends to the Men's Yearly Meeting of 1784 that the latter agreed formally to constitute "the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends held in London" as a meeting of record, although it was "not to be so far considered a meeting of discipline as to make rules, nor yet alter the present Queries, without the concurrence of this Meeting". (2) Co-operation between the Men's and Women's Yearly Meetings was extended during the course of the 19th century by interchange of visits and the appointment of joint committees and conferences; the first joint session was held in 1880 to consider the opium traffic. During the following 15 years some movement to give women Friends a larger share in the decisions of Yearly Meeting was felt, but it was not until 1895 that (as a result of a minute sent up from Bristol and Somerset Quarterly Meeting) a large joint committee of men and women Friends was appointed to consider "the position of women in our business meetings" and "the position of women in our religious Society". (3) It reported to Yearly Meeting 1896, which decided that women Friends should be eligible for appointment as members of Meeting for Sufferings (qv); from 1897 all yearly meeting sessions were joint (with the exception of 2, in which women Friends considered their own temperance report and the Missionary Helpers Union report). (4) At the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends in 1907 a yearly meeting committee appointed the previous year reported on whether the separate Women's Yearly Meeting should be continued, and its report being acceptable to that meeting, and to London Yearly Meeting as a whole, the latter instructed Meeting for Sufferings not to arrange for separate sessions in the future. (5) _____________________ 1. 'London Yearly Meeting during 250 years' (1919) pp. 93-122, 136-137, 143-144. A list of clerks from 1759 is given at pp. 136-137. 2. Ibid. pp. 102-111; Yearly Meeting minutes, volume 17 (1782-1785) pp. 452-455. 3. 'London Yearly Meeting during 250 years' (1919) pp. 116-119; 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1895) pp. 57-58. 4. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1896) p. 35; (1897) pp. 6, 67; 'London Yearly Meeting during 250 years' (1919) pp. 120. 5. 'London Yearly Meeting during 250 years' (1919) pp. 120-121; 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1906) p. 98; (1907) pp. 97, 101.
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