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    Wartime Statistics Committee
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    The sub-sub-sub fonds consists of 4 binders containing returns of service during wartime from Quarterly Meetings, General Meetings and Two Months Meetings.
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    4 large binders
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    • Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting. Wartime Statistics Committee
      In 1917, Yearly Meeting (1) asked Meeting for Sufferings (qv) to obtain and tabulate statistics of members and attenders of military age who were working for or in connection with Friends Emergency (qv), Friends War Victims Relief (qv) and Friends Ambulance Committee (qv). On 8 June 1917, Meeting for Sufferings appointed Edith M. Ellis, E. Harold Marsh, J. Coleby Morland, Arthur Watts and Oliver Morland to form the Wartime Statistics Committee (2). It was decided by Meeting for Sufferings on 6 July that associates as well as members and attenders should be included (3). The Committee reported to Yearly Meeting 1918 (4) that questionnaires had been sent to all Monthly Meetings (to be returned by the previous November 1917), but that 14 Monthly Meetings had still not complied with the request for information, and others were unable to supply it. "It seems impossible that we shall be able to prepare any complete statement before the end of the War." Margaret Sefton Jones and John Marsh Pitt were added to the Committee by Meeting for Sufferings on 1 November 1918 (5). The Committee made an interim report in 1919, noting that it had "decided to defer making further application for returns till demobilization is completed" (6). It finally reported to Meeting for Sufferings on 3 November 1922 (7) that returns had been obtained from all but 7 Monthly Meetings (Witney, Witham, Canterbury and Folkstone, Ratcliff and Barking, Alton, Southampton and Poole, Staffordshire, and Hereford and Radnor). The Committee was thereupon discharged. ___________________________ 1. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1917) p. 149, minute 114. 2. Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 57 (1916-1919) pp. 128-129. 3. ibid., p. 142. 4. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1918) p. 191. 5. Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 57 (1916-1919) pp. 326-327. 6. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1919) pp. 75, 306. 7. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1923) pp. 231-232.
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