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    War and Social Order Committee
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    This series consists of 4 volumes of minutes (1915-1917, 1918-1922, 1922-1927, 1927-1928) and 1 folder of committee documents (1927-1928), 2 volumes of Executive Committee minutes (1923-1926, 1926-1928), 1 volume of Joint Training Committee minutes (1916-1918), 1 volume of Industrial Sub-Committee minutes (1918) and Literature Sub-Committee minutes (1921-1922), 2 volumes of Propaganda Sub-Committee minutes (1917-1923), 1 volume of Finance Sub-Committee minutes (1922-1928) and 1 volume of minutes of conferences (Dryderdale 27 July 1918; Hope 25-28 October 1918; Jordans 21-24 March 1919).
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    12 volumes and 1 folder
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    • Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting. War & Social Order Committee
      The responsibility of the Society towards Social Questions received much attention in the opening years of this century and in 1907 Yearly Meeting appointed a committee "to assist any of our meetings who may need help in regard to their individual duty or in organising social efforts in their districts". This was seen in 1908 as "the application of the broad principles of Brotherhood and Spiritual Liberty to social inequality and injustice". Yearly Meeting 1912 considered a report on Christianity and Business and the Friends Social Union, which had arisen out of the Summer School movement in 1904, and was asked to bring the subject before Friends throughout the country. The Friends Social Union and a number of quarterly meetings reported to Yearly Meeting 1915 which appointed a committee "to consider whether a conference can be arranged with advantage" (1). They reported to a later session of Yearly Meeting suggesting that a committee be appointed to "investigate what connection there is between war and social order" (2) and a committee was appointed on the last day of Yearly Meeting (3). Yearly Meeting 1927 (4) recorded that "considerable discussion has taken place as to whether the War and the Social Order Committee is adequately carrying out the concern of the Society on social and industrial questions"(5). Meeting for Sufferings was asked to consider how best the concern of the Society could be furthered and its report (6) was presented to Yearly Meeting 1928 which decided (7) "to lay down the committee as at present constituted and to set up a new committee to help the Society to fulfil its duties in relation to social and industrial matters" (8). Friends were appointed to report to a later session of Yearly Meeting which agreed (9) that the War and Social Order Committee should be laid down as soon as practicable, being replaced by a new body to be called the Industrial and Social Order Council (qv) (10). Chairman (recorded in 'Book of Meetings' 1920-1928) 1920-1921 J. Edward Hodgkin 1922-1923 J. Edward Tuke 1924-1926 William Henry F. Alexander 1927 Lucy F. Morland Treasurer (recorded in 'Book of Meetings' 1920 only) 1920 Roger Clark Chairman of the Executive Committee (recorded in 'Book of Meetings' 1920 only) 1920 William Henry F. Alexander Secretary 1920-1926 Mary E. Thorne 1927 Clifford Newton 1928 Clifford Newton _____________________ 1. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1915) pp. 138-144. 2. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1915) p. 160. 3. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1915) pp.274-275. 4. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1927, minute 66. 5. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1927) p. 277. 6. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1928) pp. 82-84. 7. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1928, minute 23. 8. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1928) p. 313 9. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1928, minute 42. 10. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1928) p. 318.
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