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    Service Committee
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    The sub-sub-sub fonds consists of Service Committee administrative records and correspondence, statistics and surveys, questionnaires concerning employment, papers relating to "An Appeal to the Conscience of the Nation", case files of individual conscientious objectors, correspondence and news cuttings.
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    38 boxes and 3 volumes
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    • Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting. Service Committee
      A gathering of young men of enlistment age was held in the course of Yearly Meeting 1915 and a committee appointed by that gathering presented to Yearly Meeting a statement, which included the following: "Christ demands of us that we adhere, without swerving, to the methods of love, and therefore, if a seeming conflict should arise between the claims of His service and those of the State, it is to Christ that our supreme loyalty must be given, whatever be the consequences". A proposal was also made "for the formation of a Committee to give effect to the purpose contained therein [i.e. the statement]; such a Committee to consist largely of young men, to help by advice and facilities all those who may desire to take up special work".(1) Nominations for such a committee were approved by minute 91 (2), and the committee became known as the Service Committee or Men's Service Committee. With the introduction of the Military Service Bill in January 1916, the direction of the Committee's work was changed. A Women's Service Committee had meanwhile been set up (3) and it had co-operated with the Men's Service Committee from the early summer of 1916, holding committee meetings jointly, though separate meetings of the women's committee were also held.(4) The only report of the Women's Service Committee is contained in 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings', 1917, pp. 35-37. In appointing the membership of the Service Committee for the ensuing year, Yearly Meeting 1917 (5) included the names of both men and women(6). The reports of the Service Committee are contained in 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1916) pp. 32-36, (1917) pp. 32-34, (1918) pp. 27-29, (1919) pp. 104-107, (1920) pp. 56-58. The Service Committee was laid down by minute 47 of Yearly Meeting 1920.(7) ____________________________ 1. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1915) pp. 193-194, minute 80. 2. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1915) p. 201. 3. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1916) p. 36. 4. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1917) p. 34, 36. 5. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1917, minute 131. 6. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1917) p. 170. 7. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1920) p. 55. See also: An historical account of the Service Committee in 'The Friend' (1938) pp. 959-960. Elizabeth Howard Fox, 'Friends service in wartime' (1920) p. 41.
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