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    Industrial and Social Order Council
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    The sub-sub-sub fonds consists of 4 volumes of Council minutes (January 1928-April 1931, July 1931-April 1938, July 1938-October 1950, January 1951-March 1957), 3 volumes of Executive Committee minutes (September 1928-November 1936, November 1936-November 1949, January 1950-January 1957), 1 folder of Arrangements Committee papers (1957-1958), 1 folder of Literature Committee minutes (1941-1945), 1 volume of Policy Committee minutes (1940), and 5 boxes of conference and meeting papers, articles, reports, financial records, correspondence and other papers (1919-1962).
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    8 volumes, 2 folders and 5 boxes
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    • Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting. Industrial and Social Order Council
      Yearly Meeting 1928 decided (1) to lay down the Committee on War and the Social Order "and to set up a new committee to help the Society of Friends to fulfil its duties in relation to social and industrial matters as outlined in [Yearly Meeting minutes, 1928, minute 21]". Some Friends were thereupon appointed to bring to a later session names of Friends to serve as the nucleus of the new committee, to suggest a suitable name and any details as to constitution and function. Yearly Meeting at a later session agreed (2) that the new body should be called the Industrial and Social Order Council and that it should take over the work of the War and Social Order Committee as soon as practicable. Yearly Meeting appointed 25 Friends (with further 12 subject to consent) to serve on the Council for the ensuing year, giving it power to co-opt up to a maximum of 40: Meeting for Sufferings was asked, after conference with the Council, to suggest the method of making future appointments. On the recommendation of that Meeting it was agreed by Yearly Meeting 1929 (3) that the existing members should continue until Yearly Meeting 1930 and that thereafter the Council be revised triennially, comprising one Friend nominated by each quarterly meeting, 12 Friends nominated by Meeting for Sufferings, and 10 or more Friends co-opted to complete a total of 40. Meeting for Sufferings on 2 March 1956 received (4) a memorandum from the Industrial and Social Order Council which drew attention, inter alia, to the fact that "for several years the income of the Industrial and Social Order Council has been insufficient to enable it to carry out fully and efficiently the task entrusted to it" and asked the Meeting's help "in commending the new responsibilities we are facing to the practical and generous support of Friends". Meeting for Sufferings minuted that "it has been suggested that the outlook of the Council is too unpractical" and referred the discussion back to the Council "with a view to our own reconsideration of the whole question at a later meeting when the Council wishes to reintroduce it". The minute of Meeting for Sufferings was considered on 3/4 March and Meeting for Sufferings on 6 April received a minute of the Industrial and Social Order Council Executive the previous day saying that "the Council would value the consultation and guidance of a few Friends appointed by Meeting for Sufferings". The Meeting asked its Nominations Committee to suggest Friends "to confer with the Council on the whole question of its constitution and policy" (5) and the appointment was made on 6 July 1956(6). A report was presented to Meeting for Sufferings on 5 April 1957 (7): it suggested "that a rather smaller body of specially qualified Friends would be likely to be more effective than the present Council based on Quarterly Meeting representation" and that such committee should be appointed by Meeting for Sufferings, though not restricted to its own membership. It would report to Meeting for Sufferings from time to time. It would need to "work in close association with any committees already in existence which are concerned with particular aspects of the social order, e.g the Penal Reform Committee (qv), the Friends Temperance and Moral Welfare Union (qv). Under present circumstances, the Industrial and Social Order Council will need to keep in touch with the Peace Committee (qv), the East-West Relations Committee (qv) and the Race Relations Committee (qv), since the national and international aspect of the industrial and social order must be reviewed together". The report was forwarded to Yearly Meeting 1957 which(8) agreed to lay down the Industrial and Social Order Council. In doing so it appointed 12 Friends to take responsibility until a new committee had been appointed by Meeting for Sufferings. _______________________________ 1. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1928, minute 23. 2. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1928, minute 42. 3. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1929, minute 23. 4. Meeting for Sufferings, 2 March 1956, minute 4. 5. Meeting for Sufferings, 6 April 1956, minute 5. 6. Meeting for Sufferings, 6 July 1956, minute 21. 7. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1957) pp. 21-26. 8. Yearly Meeting minutes, 1957, minute 33. See also Annual reports in 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1928) p. 318; (1929) p. 58; (1930) p. 136; (1931) p. 60; (1932) p. 132; (1933) p. 141; (1934) p. 98; (1935) p. 161; (1936) p. 128; (1937) p. 73; (1938) p. 115; (1939) p. 200; (1940) p. 237; (1941) p. 126; (1942) p. 114; (1943) p. 121; (1944) p. 56; (1945) p. 134; (1946) p. 136; (1947) p. 98; (1948) p. 111; (1949) p. 126; (1950) p. 188; (1951) p. 87; (1952) p. 55; (1953) p. 110; (1954) p. 154; (1955) p. 91; (1956) p. 211; (1957) p. 117.
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    NSR Committees/IND; NSA 31/2
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