• Title
    Friends Armenian Relief Committee
  • Reference
    MS BOX T2
  • Date
    January-December 1896
  • Scope and Content
    This series consists of papers, mainly circular typescript duplicated letters, from James Rendel Harris, Helen Harris (born Balkwill) and others in Armenia (January-December 1896).
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    4 gatherings
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    • Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting. Friends Armenian Relief Committee
      James Rendel Harris (1852-1941) brought before Meeting for Sufferings (qv) on 3 January 1896 his concern to visit with his wife, Helen Harris (born Balkwill; 1841-1914), "the distressed districts of Armenia, to distribute relief among the sufferers". The Meeting united with him, and appointed a committee to prepare a certificate for him and correspond with him.(1) At its meeting on 7 February, Meeting for Sufferings encouraged the Committee to report whether an appeal might be launched; and on 6 March, Meeting for Sufferings noted the receipt of an appeal from the Armenian Patriarch in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey), and left the Committee free to collect funds. The question was brought before Yearly Meeting 1896 by Edmund Wright Brooks, one of the Committee, and an appeal drafted and approved by Yearly Meeting as a result.(2) The Committee continued its work for 3 years, reporting annually to Yearly Meeting, and more frequently to Meeting for Sufferings. it raised £14,978 in the period to the end of April 1897, £2478 in the succeeding year, and £794 in 1888-1889. Its final report to Yearly Meeting was accepted by Meeting for Sufferings on 5 May 1899, and the Committee was discharged.(3) Clerk Edmund Wright Brooks (described as treasurer and honorary secretary of the Appeal Fund in its May 1896 'Appeal', and signs the 1897-1899 reports as clerk. _____________________ 1. Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 51 (1892-1896) pp. 630-631, minute 9. Caleb Rickman Kemp, Joseph Bevan Braithwaite, Albert Joseph Crosfield and Edmund Wright Brooks were appointed as the initial committee. 2. ibid, pp. 639-641, minutes 1 and 2; Joshua Rowntree was added to the Committee, subject to consent (given at the next meeting); p. 654. minutes 1 and 2. On 10 April, Meeting for Sufferings agreed to the Committee's request that Joseph Allen Baker, John Bellows, John Dixon, John Edward Ellis MP, Richard Hingston Fox, Watson Grace, Thomas William Marsh, Arthur Pease MP, and Theodore Ransom should be added to their number (Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 52 (1896-1900) pp. 1-2). A list of members of the Yearly Meeting's Committee who actually prepared the appeal is given in the 'Appeal' itself; see also 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1896) pp. 26, 37-38. 3. 'Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1897) pp. 57-58, 97-100; (1898) pp. 41, 109-111; (1899) pp. 60, 125-126. Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 52 (1896-1900) p. 483.
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