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    Allotments Committee
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    The sub-sub-sub fonds consists of: 1 volume of minutes (1926-1927), 1 volume of accounts and 1 file of receipts and correspondence (1926-1927) for the Industrial Crisis Committee; 1 volume of minutes for the Home Service Committee, Industrial Crisis Sub-Committee and Coalfields Distress Committee (1927-1930) and 1 volume of Finance Sub-Committee papers (1929-1930); 6 volumes of minutes (1930-1932, 1932-1933, 1933-1935, 1935-1936, 1936-1940, 1940-1951) and 1 volume of accounts (1930-1944, 1946-1949) for the Allotments Committee; and a history of the Industrial Crisis Committee, the Coalfields Distress Committee and the Allotments Committee compiled by Joan Mary Fry after 1944. The sub-sub fonds also consists of records of the non-Quaker Allotment Gardens for the Unemployed Central Committee (usually known as the Central Allotments Committee). These records include: 2 volumes of Central Allotments Committee minutes (1933-1937, 1937-1947; 1932-1933 bound with Allotments Committee minutes 1932-1933), 1 volume of Schemes Sub-Committee minutes (1933-1935), 1 volume of Shows and Development Sub-Committee minutes (1934-1939) and 1 volume of Contracts and Organisation Sub-Committee minutes (1937-1941).
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    17 volumes and 1 file
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    Joan Mary Fry, 'Friends lend a hand in alleviating unemployment. The story of a social experiment extending over 20 years, 1929-1946' (London, 1947) [066 FRY]Peter Clark, 'The Land Settlement Association, 1934-1948: the evolution of a social experiment' (PHD Thesis, London School of Economics, 1984) [SR L 052.13 CLA ]'Allotments Committee Publications, volume 1 1930-1947' [066.]'Allotments Committee. papers [includes posters and forms' [L066.]Reports of the Friends Allotments Committee and Central Allotments Committee, 1928-1951 [066.]Annual reports of the Central Allotments Committee issued jointly with the Friends Allotments Committee.
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    • Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting. Allotments Committee
      Meeting for Sufferings (qv) in May 1926 appointed an Industrial Crisis Committee.(1) This committee was laid down in March 1927, the Home Mission and Extension Committee (qv) taking over the work, by appointing an Industrial Crisis Subcommittee (which was renamed on 5 October 1928 the Coalfields Distress Committee by Meeting for Sufferings and given the right to report directly to it).(2) In October 1930, that subcommittee was laid down and Meeting for Sufferings set up an Allotments Committee.(3) In April 1949, Meeting for Sufferings agreed that the committee should continue its work for a further 2 years(4) and it was laid down as from 31 August 1951.(5) Of the committee’s remaining funds. £3000 was transferred to the National Allotments and Gardens Society Limited and to Meeting for Sufferings after £10,000 had been set aside as a reserve fund in the event of future "serious unemployment". This latter became, in 1973, the Robert McDougall Unemployment Fund.(6) Clerk: 1931-1951 Joan Mary Fry (recorded in 'Book of Meetings', 1935-1951) Secretary and Treasurer: 1934-1951 Fred E Dodson (recorded in 'Book of Meetings', 1935-1951) ________________________ 1. Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 59 (1923-1928), 7 v [May] 1926, minute 1. 2. Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 59 (1923-1928), 4 iii [March] 1927, minute 5. 3. Meeting for Sufferings minutes, volume 60 (1928-1931), 3 x [October] 1930, minute 5. 4. 'London Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1949) p. 26. 5. For date of closure see 'London Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1952) pp. 150-154, which contains a final report from the committee to Meeting for Sufferings, dated November 1951. A survey of the work is given in the committee’s previous report ('London Yearly Meeting Proceedings (1951) pp. 202-206). 6. 'London Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1952) p. 150-154, (1973) p. 56, and (1974) p. 81. In 1951, £750 was transferred to the National Allotments and Gardens Society Limited, and £2,318 to Sufferings "to meet any deficiency arising in the carrying on of the Scheme" by the National Allotments and Gardens Society Limited. The £10,000 Allotments Reserve Fund (in the care of Finance Committee(qv)) was the subject of negotiations with the Charity Commissioners in 1972-1973. The latter agreed in January 1973 that the original gift by Robert McDougall could be applied to "relieving unemployed persons who are in distress" in ways other than through allotments, and it was then renamed the Robert McDougall Unemployment Fund. This fund was listed among the Restricted Funds in the Yearly Meeting Fund thereafter, until 1986, when it was transferred to Quaker Social Responsibility and Education (qv) ('London Yearly Meeting Proceedings' (1987) p. 114).
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