• Title
    Journals of Catharine L Braithwaite
  • Reference
    MS VOL S 298-299
  • Date
    3 3mo [March] 1892-18 4mo [April] 1892; 6 6mo [June] 1897-7 8mo [August] 1897
  • Scope and Content
    The fonds consists of 2 volumes of Catharine L Braithwaite's journal, which concern journeys to France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany (3 3mo [March] 1892-18 4mo [April] 1892) and to Norway (6 6mo [June] 1897-7 8mo [August] 1897).
  • Extent
    2 volumes
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  • Creator
    • Braithwaite, Catharine L., fl. 1892
      Catharine Lydia Braithwaite was born 30 August 1864. She was the youngest child of Joseph Bevan and Martha Braithwaite, and was brought up in the Quaker faith and tradition. As much hospitality was given to Missionaries and mission workers, from her childhood she was brought into contact with Quaker and other Christian work in all parts of the world. She especially interested in Justin Dalecourt's work in France. She did social work amongst women and children in Central and East Lothian, Scotland, and continued this type of work after going to Banbury, Oxfordshire. During World War I, she and her sisters, Anna Thomas and Rachel B Braithwaite, helped to found the Germany Emergency Relief Committee of St Stephen's House, Oxford, Oxfordshire, which did much to relieve the plight of Germans living in this country at the outbreak of war. After the war, Catharine Braithwaite with Rachel Braithwaite removed from London to Banbury. She served as an elder and overseer and for many years was a representative on the Quarterly Meeting on Friends Service Council. She was a regular attender at Meeting for Worship and at all the business meetings and was unflagging in her service. She died on 25 December 1957.
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